ID and Age Verification – what you need to know

age and id checks.jpg

Identity and age verification is necessary to prevent minors from purchasing and accessing age-restricted goods and services, such as online gambling, weapons, pornography, tobacco and alcohol. But it is not just minors that need to be restricted, sometimes you need to prevent adults from taking advantage of special offers which are only for under 18’s, or keep adults away from sites which are designed purely for children.

You have responsibilities under KYC and AML legislation to ensure that you carry out adequate ID and age verification. Having a streamlined and reliable KYC process is essential for you to ensure compliance. With repercussions getting ever stricter, and with the responsibility for ID and age verification resting firmly with the trader (currently the maximum penalty for non-compliance is a fine and 2 years imprisonment), it is more important than ever to ensure that you use the most efficient verification methods to protect your customers and your business.

The latest age and ID verification tools can offer instant electronic age confirmation which will not only prevent underage minors from using your service, but also facilitate genuine transactions in a fast and efficient way, ensuring that honest customers will want to return time and again.

The gaming, retail and adult markets are under the constant scrutiny of the media, and social media has contributed to fears surrounding children accessing inappropriate content. Customers will quickly walk away from organisations who cannot demonstrate their trustworthiness and will be reassured by sites which can be seen taking their responsibilities seriously.

ID and Age verification can be simply added to your site or app, and will provide identity checks in real time, from age verification and authorisation to document checking. Digital identity and age verification solutions provide you with an instant response to applications, with little or no delay to the customer journey.