Age verification for the online adult entertainment industry


As the implementation of the Digital Economies Act in April approaches, businesses operating in the online adult entertainment industry are under more pressure than ever to ensure compliance with the incoming age verification (AV) requirements.  This issue has resulted in several companies jumping on the AV bandwagon in the last year, and a lot of scaremongering from opponents of the regulations who are concerned about who is collecting this data, how secure it will be and what it could be used for.

These concerns extend into the adult industry itself, as giants within the sector develop their own solutions, with processes and practices swathed in secrecy – it is not hard to imagine the potential for abuse when the main players in the industry also control the AV solutions used by their competitors.

When integrated with a clients website, the Capita Identity Solutions platform manages the entire process, meaning that the client will never be in a position to store (or lose) a customers sensitive private information – they will simply receive an instantaneous response allowing an instant and informed decision to allow immediate access to the website in question.

To perform an AV check, individuals will never need to supply bank or credit card details, simplifying the process and ensuring their privacy and security.

Capita Identity Solutions is part of a UK company, backed by years of experience in the fields of identity and age verification – if the issue of age verification is essential to your business, CIS has the solution.