Online casinos failing to adhere to Gambling Commissions AML and KYC regulations


According to an article posted on the BBC website last week, online casinos are failing to adhere to the Gambling Commissions policies on Anti-money Laundering and the protection of problem gamblers.

It has written to all 195 UK operators and warned them to review procedures.

Many were unable to spot signs of financial crime and compulsive gambling, it said. It is investigating 17 companies, with five under licence review. If a company loses its licence, it would no longer be able to operate in the UK. None of the operators under investigation has been named by the regulator.

How can CIS help?

Anti-money Laundering and Know Your Customer checking is our speciality. We are available to help operators become compliant with the Gambling Commissions regulations. With a third of all UK gambling taking place online, it is more important than ever to assure your company is following these rules.

We are now offering a FREE triage health check for your online casino. We already work with some of the biggest casino's in the UK helping them to provide duty of care for their customers and help in the fight to keep crime out of gambling.

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