World Leading KYC technology

Capita Identity Solutions is a state of the art ID and age verification platform helping hundreds of companies reduce risk, improve compliance and streamline their business through the KYC process.

Our platform integrates seamlessly into your online systems to ensure your business is only on-boarding users who are of legal age and are who they say they are.

Results are instantaneous and will automatically inform the user if we fail to find a match in their credentials. Working with innovative partners we are also able to offer solutions to verify individuals when traditional KYC checks do not provide the level of confirmation required. This ensures excellent pass rates and a reassurance of integrity within your client base. To find out more or request a demo of our platform, please contact us.


Platform benefits

- Accurate 2+2 ID verification
- UK & International verification
- Reduce on-boarding risks
- GDPR compliant
- Streamline your business process
- Innovative solutions designed to increase match rates when traditional KYC checks fail

Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

To facilitate compliance with anti-money laundering regulations the KYC check can be expanded to include mortality and sanctions and PEP screening ensuring compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations Act 2007 and the European Union's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Sanctions & PEP Monitoring Solutions

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