KYC for the Adult Entertainment Industry

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, the thorny issue of responsible access and use of the internet has seen several industries making drastic changes to the way that they manage who can view their online content.

Businesses operating in the online adult entertainment industry today must ensure compliance with the age verification (AV) requirements imposed by the Digital Economies Act 2017, or face penalties imposed by regulators.  These regulators are empowered to issue fines of up to £250,000 (or up to 5% of their turnover) to those who fail to comply, and will have the power to order the blocking of non-compliant websites.

When integrated with your website, the Capita Identity Solutions platform manages the entire AV process, meaning that you will never be in a position to store (or lose) a customers sensitive private information – they will not even need to enter their bank or credit card details - they will simply receive an instantaneous response allowing an instant and informed decision to allow immediate access to the website in question.

If the problem of age verification is essential to your business, CIS is the solution.


Industry Legislation

Digital Economies Act 2017

The Digital Economies Act 2017 provides a number of provisions to web based industries, however the key point of the legislation that affects the world of adult entertainment is the appointment of the BBFC as age-verification regulator. 

This regulator is to publish guidelines on ensuring that users under 18 cannot view pornographic content, they will be empowered to issue fines of up to £250,000 (or up to 5% of their turnover) to those who fail to comply, they will have the power to order the blocking of non-compliant websites, and require those providing financial or advertising services to non-compliant websites to cease doing so.

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Why choose Capita Identity Solutions?

Capita Identity Solutions has continued to lead the way in technological innovation within the identity verification market sector. We are partnering with world leading technology providers and multiple Credit Reference Agencies with the aim of delivering market leading resilience and a choice of data provider - ensuring increased match rates and alternative methods when traditional KYC checks fail.

We are growing our international data footprint with the intention of becoming a global provider, all whilst working to increase platform usability and stability for our ever-growing global client base.

In the long term, Capita Identity Solutions will continue to explore new technologies and opportunities. Development to the platform will ensure that as the selection of checks grow, clients will continue to be offered a world class service that is always at the cutting edge of identity verification.


The Benefits of CIS


Accurate 2+2 ID verification
UK & International verification
Reduce on-boarding risks
GDPR compliant
Streamline your business process
Innovative solutions designed to increase match rates when traditional KYC checks fail
Easy to use platform which can be easily integrated with existing websites
Offer you choice of data references
PEP’s & Sanctions Monitoring
Retain AML Verification for audits and regulatory visits
Excellent pricing without compromising on quality of product or service

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