Recruitment compliance and employee on-boarding solutions

Confirm identities quickly and easily – enhance your recruitment process

For recruitment, Know Your Employee (KYE) screening is becoming business critical. Often, background checking of potential employees is a manual, complex and time-consuming process.

Using our extensive knowledge and vast ID verification experience across the industry, we have developed efficient, robust and cost-effective solutions which enable businesses to significantly enhance the entire recruitment process.  We can help you identify candidates through a variety of KYE verification checks, ranging from DBS and employment history checks through to directorship and address history checks.

Our solutions can provide:

  • Accurate 2+2 matching techniques
  • Superior analytic audit trails and reporting
  • UK and international data sources

Our ‘black and white’ screening method provides an accurate and fully compliant 2+2 verification, avoiding grey areas that some point scoring methods can portray, whilst our unique dashboard provides a comprehensive audit trail of all identity verifications. Additionally, our extensive resource pool includes Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) data, enabling you to meet your individual recruitment requirements.

Products for employee on-boarding & staff checks

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Authenticate: Desktop

Web-based desktop portal providing instant ID, age, Sanctions, and PEP verification checks.  Read more.


Authenticate: Gateway

A seamless API interface to multiple data sources for identity and age verification plus comprehensive Sanctions and PEP data for AML compliance.  Read more.

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Authenticate: Batch

An offline identity, age and AML checking solution. Simply provide us with the data to verify and we will return a tailored status report.  Read more.


Enhanced Interaction

A manual KYC solution for multi-national or non-UK verifications and regions where existing data isn’t sufficient for instant electronic KYC.  Read more.

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See how we can overcome your identity, age verification and AML problems