Compliance and AML checks for Banking, Prepaid Cards, Insurance, Gift Cards and Mobile Payments

10% higher match rates when authenticating your customers

Man holding credit card ready to enter into website. AML checks and Financial compliance checks will be in place against his transaction.We possess vast KYC experience within the financial sector, and a comprehensive knowledge of the industry; so as a result, we understand the necessary Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements for businesses to deliver commercial growth, whilst offering responsible financial products to customers.

We have access to an unrivalled resource pool, providing the highest quality and most current data – nationally and internationally – to enable the highest ID verification rates.

Our solutions can help you:

  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Target profitable customers effectively
  • Detect and prevent fraud

Utilising our staged execution screening, you can avoid full verification costs if a client should fail at the first fence, whilst our 2+2 matching techniques mean your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) methods will be accurate and fully compliant. Additionally, our unique dashboard provides a comprehensive audit trail of all Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications, including a reporting toolset for management and regulator information.

ID and verification solutions for Financial and

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Authenticate: Desktop

Web-based desktop portal providing instant ID, age, Sanctions, and PEP verification checks.  Read more.


Authenticate: Gateway

A seamless API interface to multiple data sources for identity and age verification plus comprehensive Sanctions and PEP data for AML compliance.  Read more.

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Authenticate: Batch

An offline identity, age and AML checking solution. Simply provide us with the data to verify and we will return a tailored status report.  Read more.


Enhanced Interaction

A manual KYC solution for multi-national or non-UK verifications and regions where existing data isn’t sufficient for instant electronic KYC.  Read more.

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Web-based desktop portal providing instant AML and CDD checks on individuals and organisations worldwide.  Read more.



Web-based application for monitoring Global Sanctions and PEP screening, with integrated case management suite for tailored alerts.  Read more.

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See how we can overcome your identity, age verification and AML problems