Adult sector age verification – Broadcasting, Online, Retail Sale

Safely maximise online adult sector signups

Adult sector age checking software for the broadcast and technology sectorsIn order for the Adult sector to engage, communicate and transact with an individual in a safe, compliant and responsible manner, organisations need to conduct age verification and identity checks.

We can provide you with the necessary tools to conduct comprehensive Customer Due Diligence (CDD) checks, as well as valuable advice to good and bad practice when implementing a viable sign-up process.

Our solutions can ensure you:

  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • On-board the highest levels of customers
  • Benefit from 24 hour integration

Utilising our staged execution screening method, you can avoid full verification costs if a consumer fails initial verification, yet ensure you are on-boarding the highest level of customers. In like for like trials, we have uplifted match rates by 10% and we will continually review these to ensure you’re consistently reaching the highest level at all times. Furthermore, you can benefit from rapid integration guides, available in multiple coding languages to ensure 24/7 Know Your Customer integration.

Age & Identity Verification Products

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Authenticate: Desktop

Web-based desktop portal providing instant ID, age, Sanctions, and PEP verification checks.  Read more.


Authenticate: Gateway

A seamless API interface to multiple data sources for identity and age verification plus comprehensive Sanctions and PEP data for AML compliance.  Read more.

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Authenticate: Batch

An offline identity, age and AML checking solution. Simply provide us with the data to verify and we will return a tailored status report.  Read more.

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