Authenticate: Desktop

Looking for manual identity and age verification checks?

Accurate age verification & identity checks

Authenticate Desktop is an intuitive and configurable web-based desktop portal providing a means to conduct ID and/or age verification manually.

  • Check against multiple data sources; including Sanctions & PEP data, to meet your own individual business requirements
  • Perform an accurate and compliant 2+2 verification instantly
  • All checks are recorded for audit trail purposes within your personal dashboard
  • All checks are available for review or for reporting purposes whenever required

Frequently asked questions

Our software is web-based, so you can run Authenicate: Desktop on any computer which is connected to the Internet.

Authenicate: Desktop is very simple to use, but in case you do run into a problem you can contact our support team here.

Absolutely, please contact here or using the form on the right side of this page.

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