Enhanced Interaction

Need to manually check data when electronic verification lets you down?

Manual KYC checks for non-uk verifications

Enhanced Interaction delivers human intervention within the customer registration process as an alternative to e-KYC. Electronic KYC is a huge success where good data is available, however in regions where the data isn’t present – or of poor integrity – there is still a requirement for KYC.

  • Suitable for dealing with multi-national, non-UK verifications
  • Assists when data availability is poor, or when e-KYC authentication fails
  • Fills this gap and delivers full KYC with global coverage

Frequently asked questions

Enhanced Interaction is great for regions where data isn’t present, or of poor integrity.

Enhanced Interaction is very simple to use, but in case you do run into a problem you can contact our support team here.

Absolutely, please contact here or using the form on the right side of this page.

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