Have Capita Identity Solutions appeared on your credit report?

When a financial transaction takes place online, in many cases the retailer has a legal or regulatory obligation to verify the identity and/or age of the customer.

These verifications allow businesses to ensure they uphold anti-money laundering regulations and only on board customers who are cleared to do so. 

Sitting behind the retailers website, Capita Identity Solutions performs a check with one of the UK’s three Credit Reference Agencies. This involves verifying input details (name, date of birth and address) against trusted data sets.

If everything goes to plan, the customer will not be aware of the role Capita Identity Solutions plays in verifying their identity. However, in order to ensure transparency, the search will appear on the customers credit report but WILL NOT affect their credit rating.

The only mark left by Capita Identity Solutions is a soft footprint. This is purely for transparency purposes to ensure the customer is aware that a business has used credit reference agency data to carry out a check.

It is also important to note that this kind of check only verifies information that we send to the Credit Reference Agency on behalf of our client with whom the customer has interacted with. No additional data is returned from the customers Credit Reference Agency file.